Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We now pause for these commercial messages...

I'm taking a break for exercising today because my knees hurt. It did spur me to call a new orthopedic doctor. I have an appointment set for the 24th. The last time I went to an orthopedic doctor was in late 2007 and the jacka$$ told me after meeting me for 20 seconds that I needed to have gastric bypass, needed to live in a ranch home and I had to stop picking up my children. (who were 2 at the time). Needless to say I started to cry and he was unmoved.

So I never went again. And my knees have been okay as I've lost some weight, but now that I'm jogging a little they are starting to hurt. Not to mention this crazy weather...cold wet and then hot and humid.

I took a picture of myself and it made me sad. My face still looks like the freakin stay puff marshmallow man. I'm not motivated to binge (which is good) but this is just making me sad. :/

Have a great day everyone!!

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