Sunday, May 22, 2011

Iphone Apps

Well I haven't been blogging this weekend partly because I've been in a foul mood (I'm guessing PMS) but also partly because we got our new Iphone's on Friday so I'm been playing with that a bit.

Do you have any apps that you just LOVE? Let me know because I am really not that technologically advanced here....

Eating has been pretty well...last night I went out to a French restaurant and had a salmon filled crepe and then a fabulous dessert while sitting outside in front of a fireplace. It was a wonderful time with my friend and her daughter who is home from college for about a week before she heads of to be a camp counselor for the summer.

I will probably go and do my C25K running today after church (we are trying yet ANOTHER one...grrr..)

Have a fabulous day everyone!!!


  1. Hi Jodie! I just got a new iPhone about a month ago and am also interested in finding some good apps. If you like scrabble (and want to play) there's a great game that is a knock off and that I like better than the scrabble app called Words With Friends. It's free, and you can play with people me! I finally paid 2.99 so I didn't have to get ads after each word. If you get it, I'd love to play with you - my name to search for is mom722. I'll be looking for you!

    Love your ticker! I haven't been to your blog (or many) recently, but I'm back in earnest now. Tha! I expect you're quite an awesome mother yourself! Even when it's hard. Have a good day - and great that you ran 7 minutes. I'm hoping to pick up some jogging myself again.

  2. Hey Jodie! I've had my iphone for about a year, in fact just got a new one so I could tether internet service when I'm out of town. Love it!!! I have an app called runkeeper. I think its free. It keeps track of how far you walk, run and calories burned.

    Hang in there and enjoy your day!!