Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thank you, Dr. Young

Dr. Young wasn't so young (must be in his mid-late 60's) but he was everything a good orthopedic surgeon should be IMHO. I stopped to pick up my old xrays at the a$$hole doctor who told me not to pick up my kids and even though it was 4 years ago almost, I still cringed at walking in there. Dr. Young examined my knees. He called them "crunchy" which made me laugh. He looked at my previous xrays and said that the prior doctors analysis of my knees (meaning no arthritis) was correct but that he was a bit "drastic" in his recommendation of treatment (gastric by pass, buy a new house, don't pick up your kids).

He gave me a prescription of Mobec to help with the pain and told me that I could use some more thigh muscle strength to help. Even when I told him I was jogging, he said that as long as I wasn't feeling pain from it that I could continue to do it. I asked if I needed new xrays and he said "No, I'd just be wasting your money!" THAT is the kind of doctor that I like!. He told me I was doing everything I was supposed to be doing - losing weight, exercising and being proactive about the pain. I LOVE when a doctor tells me I'm doing everything right! Woohoo!

Off to exercise!!


  1. That is too cool :) lol, buy a new house. Good one, doc! Is he going to supply the money to do that?!

  2. YAY for good doctors. Ugh. I feel that way about my obgyn for telling me she thinks i'm insulin resistant when the other doctor was all like "you're drinking too much water" & "oh you just need to trick your body"... just...wow. LOL.