Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ricky Martin is my new jogging partner!

Another successful Couch 2 5K today - I am shocked that I am able to jog 5 minutes straight and a total of 16 out of 31 minutes! I almost wanted to keep going today, but I am determined to stick with the plan.

I picked up a Ricky Martin cd at Walmart for $5 and there are few songs better to run to than La Vida Loca and Shake Your Bon Bon!

Feeling groovy...trying to cut out some fruit, but I love it so much!

I ordered our IPhones today. I vacillate from wanting to avoid technology to wanting to embrace it for our children's sake. Both my and hubby's parents live in the dark ages of technology - no computer, no cell (although K's folks have a trac phone). I don't want to be that way for my kids.

:) Have a happy day!

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