Saturday, May 28, 2011

Starting the Day with Protein

When I met with the trainer for my fitness analysis, I mentioned that I have these plateaus, that I lose weight for a few days and then I don't for about a week, then I lose again for a few days. She thought this was strange and asked what I ate for breakfast. I told her sometimes eggs, but lately I'd been eating puffed wheat with blueberries. She told me that I really should have protein for every meal (and milk wasn't enough protein). She suggested I try eating protein again for breakfast and see what happened (as well as increase my water to almost a gallon) Yesterday I ate eggs for breakfast and what do you know? The scale showed a loss. Something about carbs making you retain water, hold on to I am going to try harder to keep up my protein (which also helps with muscles.

I have felt miserably since Monday. Sad and blue. I have not felt this awful in a couple of years. I thought it was PMS but nothing yet. It could be lack of sun since it hasn't been sunny 2 days in a row in over a month (hence I have had an unfinished deck for a month). We are not camping because it is supposed to rain each day this weekend. Blah!

Happy Memorial Day!

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