Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Second Trimester and Stress

Hi all...I am doing well.  I am officially in my second trimester and the baby is progressing very well.  I still can't feel any movement and probably won't until 20 weeks,

I've gained weight, and it isn't all from the baby.  This month has been incredibly stressful.

My dad was diagnosed with inoperable, incurable liver cancer.  He will start radiation in a couple of weeks.  I decided to come out and spend some time with him before that and it's a good thing that I did.

When he arrived it was apparent that he hadn't been feeling well at all.  It turns out he was bleeding internally (a complication from liver disease) and he would have died if he hadn't gone into the hospital for a transfusion!  I am thankful I was here to push him to go into the doctor.

It has been super stressful of course, and it is hard to focus on new life when my dad's life is probably coming to an end in the next year or so.

I've exercised a few times on our trip, but I miss my gym terribly and the wonderful people that are there. (not to mention my husband and my other friends that don't go to my gym)

Hope you all are well!