Monday, May 2, 2011

Losing the Desire to Eat A Lot

I used to love to eat. A lot and A LOT! I'm not sure if the absence of Diet Coke/Aspartame in my diet has done this, but now I don't think about food, don't want food very much of the time. I used to have these massive internal struggles about whether to eat a box of Little Debbie Zebra Cakes and I usually lost them. Lately I look in the cupboards and even though there are twinkies and chips and cookies, I have no desire for them. I'd rather have a piece of fruit or snow peas.

Was it the Diet Coke with the Depression that made me a crazy maniac around food? I don't know! But I do know for sure my super cravings have stopped since I stopped drinking soda. I'm moving on to a healthier me...

Knees hurt a bit today (this darned cold weather! - Spring/SUmmer where art thou!!)

I'm not entirely fascinated by this Osama Bin Laden stuff. He was one crazy man. There are surely millions more fanatical people in the world and his death will not end terrorism. I am very thankful however for those many soldiers, alive and departed who have served this country courageously during their lives. Our freedom rests on those willing to defend it!


  1. So glad to hear your food cravings are under control. That is half the battle!

  2. I wish mine would get there! I still have those moments where I have to forcibly stop myself, haha.