Wednesday, May 18, 2011

10 lbs to becoming a Baby Elephant

I have 10 lbs to get to my first goal of weighing the same as a baby elephant (11 to being less). I'm a bit excited but need to focus because it's always when the goal is near that I start to flounder.

February 2010 I reached 253.5 and that was the lowest I'd been in 7 years. Then I got all weird and let my emotions overtake me and regained 35 lbs in less than a year. If I can keep things in check I will be able to surpass this. I can say that I feel MUCH better emotionally this year than I did in 2010 and I have much better goals. My goals then were to lose 2 lbs a week but when it didn't happen I would get bummed out. This time I don't have a time goal on my weight, I just have a weight goal. Putting time on it puts pressure on me. My exercise goal is the one I am more focused on. The weight will follow if I'm diligent there.

I've been thinking of my next goals. I for sure have two smaller goals. One is to be the lowest I've been as an adult (which was in 2001 (right before 09/11) and then the second is the last weight I remember being as a teenager (in the 11th grade) - which was still above 200 lbs. In January I made the goal of being 212 lbs by 2012. These two goals will get me close.

I'm realizing how important solid attainable goals are. I used to think that they weren't a big deal, that I just had to do the work and I'd lose weight. The problem was I was working towards a hundred lb weight loss and it got discouraging because I was always thinking of the huge amount of time left. Having more attainable goals really keeps me focused on the now (not the later).

Not sure on the workout today. Yesterday I did my 5K training, spun and did weights. I might just take the dog for a walk today. (she has to go to the vet this morning anyhow) I need to make sure I'm resting my body enough.


  1. I agree with you that goals are important. Otherwise, you're just floating aimlessly. But I do better with attainable goals and the shorter term the better.

  2. Go go go go go!!! :) You can do it! :)