Friday, May 27, 2011

Inhibiting the Inhibitors

If you are like me than there are a lot of things that can inhibit you from achieving your goals. They can be things like stocking sweets in your cupboards or eating out a lot, or they can be simple things like not having clean laundry or your socks fall down.

I am making a conscious effort to inhibit my inhibitors. With my C25K training, one thing that was annoying me was carrying my cd walkman. So we upgraded to an Iphone. But then I kept checking the time while I was holding so I bought an arm band to put in in. This made a huge difference! Todays training: 5 minute warm up - 8 minute jog - 5 minute walk - 8 minute jog - 5 minute cool down! Next training: 20 minute jog...

It was much easier to run without holding it and wondering what the time said and the 8 minutes went by very quickly. I might try to train this weekend while camping. We will be up by Lake Michigan, so I might go and run barefoot on the beach.

Our countertops are in so our kitchen looks beautiful. Just great to make lots of yummy food :)

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  1. I LOVE that you found kept looking for a solution to something that bugs you instead of just putting up with it.

    Hope you all have a blast at Lake Michigan. My sister has a place there she goes to when the weather is nice.