Wednesday, August 12, 2015

11 Weeks - 77 days

I'm down 31 lbs so I'm still averaging 2.82 lbs per week, which is great.

I'm not getting as much working out in as I'd like, but I'm getting some.  People are really starting to notice my weight loss now, which is a positive thing and helps keep me motivated.

77 days with no diet coke, with only a couple of binges.  I'm feeling mostly strong these days.

I still wonder what it is that makes me wake up one day and be motivated, but the 2 1/2 years worth of days before that I had nothing...not a care to be motivated, not a care what I looked like or what I ate.  (and this was after losing 100 lbs and gaining it all back!!)

Mystery of life I suppose!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

10 Week Mark

Day #70.  10 Weeks.   Total lost: 28.2 lbs.   Which averages about 2.82lbs per week.    It feels good.  People are starting to notice the loss, which is a great feeling.   It's a tough cycle since you aren't doing it for anyone but yourself, but the comments feel really good and satisfying! 

I'm certainly losing differently than the last time.  The first time I lost all the weight, I felt I was losing it in my butt first, but this time I'm losing it from my calves and torso.  (which I prefer to go first! LOL)

It's tough squeezing in that exercise, but I'm getting there a couple of times per week.  I took a bike ride with my daughter on Sunday, which was also very nice!

I'll keep checking in.  Noone on my blog roll has posted in a while!  I hope you all are doing well!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Two Months In...

I've been at this for two full calendar months now...9 weeks.  I am down 27.8 lbs from where I've started. 

First month:  Down 14.5 lbs
Second Month:  Down 13.3lbs

This is definitely faster than I've lost before and I'm actually exercising less than I did the first time around.  Maybe the difference is that this weight has only been on me for 2 years rather than 32 years like it was before...we will see if the trend continues.

I've been doing is going well..the kids are doing well!

Hope anyone who is still reading me is doing well!  Leave a comment!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Almost to halfway to my first goal

My goal right now is to not be bigger than a baby elephant again.  That requires me to be under 250 lbs.  I'm almost halfway to that first goal. 

I'll be honest - I was 302 lbs when I started the journey again.  I was down to 190.5 before I got pregnant and all hell broke loose.  So in 3 1/2 years, I gained 110 lbs.    So I'm at 278 right now, which isn't so bad.  I've lost 24 lbs so far.  I've got 28 to go to reach that first goal    Nothing to sneeze at.   

All is going well.  I keep thinking I want to start running again....maybe soon...

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Can't the scale just move already??

I'm 8 weeks in tomorrow and this last couple of weeks have been a hellish "When is it going to go down" time.

Well, for 8 weeks I have not had any Diet Coke.  It has really helped my cravings tremendously (although I still could eat 10 bananas and not blink)!

In truth, I've been fluctuating all over the place since July 4th (right when I joined the fitness center and started working out).

Since then I have lost a whopping .7 lbs.    So .7 lbs in 17 days - that's crazy!!! 

I have lost 21.2 lbs in 8 weeks though which is 2.65 lbs per week - which is very respectable.  I just don't like it fluctuating...I like to see it go down and down and down!  Of course, many will say, don't weigh yourself everyday and it won't affect you.  Well I could do that, but I probably would always be bloated on the days I weigh myself!!  LOL.   I love seeing the curved graph of weight loss.  It motivates me. 

When I lost the 100 lbs before - I did it over the course of 14 months which is about 1.666 lbs per week.  So if I keep it all in perspective, I'm doing just fine!

Saturday, July 18, 2015


I didn't do measurements for my first month and a half mostly because I didn't want to include that initial bloat reduction that comes when you start losing weight.  Now that I'm down a bit, I figured I start monitoring inches lost as well as lbs.

Of course all the measurements are high, but NOT as high as they were in 2011 when I first started being serious about losing weight.  So there's something.

We just babysit our friends' two young boys.  I can say for certain that I do NOT want any more kids.  I'm happy with my 3! 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Almost a binge

Grrr...I had a great Friday..until I didn't.   I had a client yelling at me for things that I wasn't even  at the company when it happened.  The girls who used to work at my company (who both got fired) just did a lot of stupid things, and I get the unhappy clients.  So I had to work an extra hour on Friday to deal with it all...picked up Chinese food for the kids, came home to one crabby 2 year old, 2 tye dye shirts from camp that needed rinsed, a basement window that was leaking from all the rain, a dog who pooped and peed on the floor....

My first instinct was to eat all of the chinese food.  I had gotten Honey chicken, which I love. 
But.  I didn't.  I might have teared up a bit.  I think my kids thought I was going to have a seizure because I had my fingers on my temples.   Maybe I ate two or three more bites than I would have if I wasn't stressed, but I DID NOT BINGE.

That doesn't make it a great day.  But it's something...