Friday, July 24, 2015

Almost to halfway to my first goal

My goal right now is to not be bigger than a baby elephant again.  That requires me to be under 250 lbs.  I'm almost halfway to that first goal. 

I'll be honest - I was 302 lbs when I started the journey again.  I was down to 190.5 before I got pregnant and all hell broke loose.  So in 3 1/2 years, I gained 110 lbs.    So I'm at 278 right now, which isn't so bad.  I've lost 24 lbs so far.  I've got 28 to go to reach that first goal    Nothing to sneeze at.   

All is going well.  I keep thinking I want to start running again....maybe soon...

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Can't the scale just move already??

I'm 8 weeks in tomorrow and this last couple of weeks have been a hellish "When is it going to go down" time.

Well, for 8 weeks I have not had any Diet Coke.  It has really helped my cravings tremendously (although I still could eat 10 bananas and not blink)!

In truth, I've been fluctuating all over the place since July 4th (right when I joined the fitness center and started working out).

Since then I have lost a whopping .7 lbs.    So .7 lbs in 17 days - that's crazy!!! 

I have lost 21.2 lbs in 8 weeks though which is 2.65 lbs per week - which is very respectable.  I just don't like it fluctuating...I like to see it go down and down and down!  Of course, many will say, don't weigh yourself everyday and it won't affect you.  Well I could do that, but I probably would always be bloated on the days I weigh myself!!  LOL.   I love seeing the curved graph of weight loss.  It motivates me. 

When I lost the 100 lbs before - I did it over the course of 14 months which is about 1.666 lbs per week.  So if I keep it all in perspective, I'm doing just fine!

Saturday, July 18, 2015


I didn't do measurements for my first month and a half mostly because I didn't want to include that initial bloat reduction that comes when you start losing weight.  Now that I'm down a bit, I figured I start monitoring inches lost as well as lbs.

Of course all the measurements are high, but NOT as high as they were in 2011 when I first started being serious about losing weight.  So there's something.

We just babysit our friends' two young boys.  I can say for certain that I do NOT want any more kids.  I'm happy with my 3! 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Almost a binge

Grrr...I had a great Friday..until I didn't.   I had a client yelling at me for things that I wasn't even  at the company when it happened.  The girls who used to work at my company (who both got fired) just did a lot of stupid things, and I get the unhappy clients.  So I had to work an extra hour on Friday to deal with it all...picked up Chinese food for the kids, came home to one crabby 2 year old, 2 tye dye shirts from camp that needed rinsed, a basement window that was leaking from all the rain, a dog who pooped and peed on the floor....

My first instinct was to eat all of the chinese food.  I had gotten Honey chicken, which I love. 
But.  I didn't.  I might have teared up a bit.  I think my kids thought I was going to have a seizure because I had my fingers on my temples.   Maybe I ate two or three more bites than I would have if I wasn't stressed, but I DID NOT BINGE.

That doesn't make it a great day.  But it's something...

No rewards for being perfect

In weight loss there aren't always immediate rewards for perfect eating.

I've been on this current journey for 50 days and have lost 20 lbs.  That's actually almost 3lbs a week which is quite quick, but for the past 2 weeks I've been hovering and going up and down around the same weight.

I know why this is.  I'm working out.  My muscles are retaining water.  It got hot and humid.  And I got a sunburn.   The three things that make me retain water.  So I am perfect every day and there is nothing right now showing for it!

I know that that will change if I persevere, but I've got to keep going forward and not dwelling on it.

I've been down this doesn't always make it helps to remember, but I'm ready to get back where I was, which makes me impatient.

Have a great day!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Timeline of Misery

I took Body Flow for the first time in 2 years today.  Thankfully I wasn't sore after yesterdays workout.  It wasn't terrible, but man, are my ankles week.  In Flow there is a balance track and was I ever shaky.  Especially on the ankle that I broke last September!!  Ah yes...another think that added to my defeat in the last years.   Let's do a timeline of my backsliding, shall we?

 February 2012 - Reached 100 lbs lost
April 2012 - Became Pregnant
April 2012 - Father Diagnosed with Liver Cancer
June 2012 - Father very sick in hospital nearly dies from internal bleeding while out visiting for Father's day.  Drank a Diet Coke because I was tired and not sleeping.  Continued to stress eat and gained weight.
November 2012 - Get plantar fasciitis in both feet due to pregnancy hormones and bad shoes towards the end of pregnancy and weight gain
December 2012 - Charlotte Jo is born.  Have a few good weeks of eating.
January 2013 - Doctors determine dad has less than 3 months to live.  Dad visits looking very sickly.  Eating more.
March 2013 -  Dad dies.  Eating a lot
June 2013 - Start physical therapy for my feet - get some relief
August 2013 - Do the Diva Dash in Chicago  (still keeping my toes in the fitness)
September 2013 - April 2014 - dealt with major depression and grief - sporadic working out
July 2014 - Back to physical therapy for my plantar fasciitis again
September 2014 - Turned 40
September 2014 - Fell down the stairs the day after my birthday and broke my ankle in 4 places
September 2014 - Quit my gym membership
October 2014 - started a full time job, had one good month of eating, then lots of stress eating
November 2014 - Best friends breast cancer has returned, metasticized into her organs and bones.
January 2015 - ankle starts to feel a bit better, but still achy and weak
January - May 2015 - Ate and gained weight
May 2015 - decided to stop drinking diet coke and eating well again
June 2015 - badly bruised/broke? my big toe while slipping and jamming my foot in the tub getting a pedicure
July 2015 - Joined the fitness center again!

So that's the timeline of stress and eating and my return back to who I want to be.

I just felt like typing it out!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

You are only defeated if you don't get back up...

Sometimes I let myself be defeated.  I did for more than 2 years.  I just didn't have any fight left in me after giving birth and watching my father die only 3 months later. 

But I'm not completely defeated because I am getting back up.  I am fighting still.  I have not thrown in the towel.

When I'm at the fitness center, I have this feeling of "This is who I am and who I like to be".  Who wouldn't want to feel like that all the time??

So like my blog heading says.  "It's never to late to be who you might have been"

Worked out again today and hoping this time I can move tomorrow!  I did lose about 2.4 of the lbs I gained from water retention.

Moving forward...