Friday, October 28, 2011

My sore tush!!!

I tried a new class yesterday at the fitness center called CX WORX.  It's a 30 minute Core class, working abs, back and glutes.  I don't feel it too much in my abs but my glutes!  Yowsers!  I wasn't in love with the class, but it certainly worked muscles I wasn't working in my other workouts so I may need to add it in!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Cost of Weight Loss

There are certainly some costs in losing weight.

Food - even if you are doing it on your own plan, like me, the cost of buying better food can add up. 

Gym Fees - Anywhere from 30-100 per month depending where you go

Time Costs - Making good meals and exercising takes away time from your schedule each day.

But the costs of staying overweight are pretty high, too...

Food - While the cost of groceries may be higher, dining out budgets are usually HIGHER!  Why pay $15 for a plate of spaghetti at your favorite place, when you can eat a much healthier version at home for less than $2.00?

Clothes - Plus sized clothing can often cost a few dollars more than regular sized clothing (especially at Walmart where they so graciously  put that on their signs (Plus sized $2 more!)

Household Items - Bath sheets cost more than regular towels as do King sized beds and sheets and blankets.  Being bigger means bigger items which usually equates to more $$$$

Doctor bills:  High blood pressure, cholesterol, Diabetes, aches and pains, heart conditions...all associated with being overweight...add the medications and you've got a pretty good sum!

So at first the costs might seem high to lose the weight, but when you look at the other side of it, they are higher to keep the weight.  Since I'm all about saving money, I'm going for option A!

Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

If She can do it, so can you!!

Last night at Sh*Bam  (the 45 minute dance class I take) there was a young woman that appeared to have Down's Syndrome.   While she didn't get all the moves that we did, she stayed the entire class and did her best and she enjoyed herself doing it!

It blessed my heart so much.  And I immediately thought, if this woman, with a great disability can be there exercising, there really isn't  much of an excuse for not doing it.  Now, I haven't had this problem of being motivated to exercise, but I'm glad I now have this image, because if ever I get the temptation to stop exercising, I am going to remember this woman and keep going....

Monday, October 24, 2011

3rd Weight Goal Met Today!!

FINALLY I met my third weight goal!  I am now officially what I weighed as a junior in high school!!  My next goal is 199 (to be below 200) so only 14 to go!!  If my weight loss had been going as it was, I'd say this was feasible by the end of the year, but I am not going to say it now.  The past few months my weight loss has slowed down (which by all research is expected) so I don't really want to put pressure on myself and be disappointed if it doesn't happen.

In January of this year I made the goal of being 212 by 2012 and since I'm only one lb away from that, I AM pretty certain that this goal  will be met!!

Have a terrific Monday!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Do I look Fat?

How hilarious is it that this is the question I most often ask my husband these days.  Every outfit I put on I have to ask if it makes me look fat or thin.  I never asked this when I weighed 290 lbs.    And of course, as 214, I am still fat...but I just am so much more conscious of how I look that I guess I care if I am wearing something that is flattering!

This is a funny story.  We decided to go back to the church we used to go to, where there were some really unkind people.  After 10 months of looking, we haven't found nearly anything close to as good overall and I decided that I was going to stop letting 5 people who aren't always kind dictate  my choices.  Anyway, when I walked in to church, one of my quasi friends pulls me over and says "I don't mean to be rude, but that coat is NOT flattering on you at all!"  I hadn't seen her in months and months and this was her way of saying that I'd done such good and hard work, I should't be wearing something that doesn't show it!!  So now I start to think about my clothes more.  The other day I was wearing sweatpants and a tshirt because I had no clean laundry and I looked in the mirror and said "This is what I used to look like every day, now it's what I look like only when I don't have clean laundry!"  :)  Happiness.

Today I bought the 30 day shred dvd to have at home.  Since I've been on a basic plateau for the past two months almost, I needed a little something extra.  My 6 year old decided to do it with me!  How adorable!!

Have a Happy Sunday!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Where did Everyone Go?

Over 1/2 of the blogs I read have not been updated in over 2 weeks.  Many of them for MONTHS...  I have been one of those bloggers who didn't blog for 5 months and it correlated to a very difficult time in my life.  So here's a shout out to those of you who aren't blogging (but may be reading!)

You are missed!!  Tomorrow is a new day for everyone, including you!  Your goals can be accomplished!!

Today I am catching up on laundry, having lunch with a friend, grocery shopping and doing an afternoon workout!  Happy Day!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's the busy ness that does me in....

I learned something about myself yesterday.  Keeping busy does not help my weight loss efforts.  In fact in some ways it makes me sabotage myself.  It wasn't so much having things to do, but rather running around to different things.

Yesterday, I had to get the kids on the bus, be to bible study by 8:45, rush home to eat lunch and then get to the Opera House to usher an afternoon show.  It was the rushing, the wolfing down food, that got me all anxious, so in the afternoon, when I was able to settle down, all I wanted to do was eat.  It wasn't terrible - a bunch of animal crackers and 3 Bosco sticks (mozarrella stuffed bread sticks (not fried))  but it was more than I should have had.    Something about the rushing mentality makes me want to stuff my face.

Some people thrive on busy ness.  That's not me.  I like to be chill.  My husband does too.  We'd rather just hang around our house on the weekends, then run all over creation with our kids.  We do outings with them once or twice a month, just not usually both days of the weekend.  (not to mention we can never figure out how people can afford to do all the stuff they do with their hubby makes good money, but we'd probably not have any if we did all the stuff other people do)

It's always amazing to me when I learn something new in this journey.  I've been going strong since the end of March but I'm not done growing and I'm not done losing.  It was just a reminder that I am NOT immune to these feelings at any time.  They were such a part of me for so long.  I just need to keep learning and be diligent.  I am not going to book myself back to back again like that if I can help it. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I'm shooting for!

Yesterday, I asked my spin instructor a very personal question, which I'm glad she answered.  I asked her what she weighed.  You see, I've been trying to figure out what a body looks like at "X" lbs.  A lot of thin people don't look very toned and I have no great desire to be a stick figure.  I want to look healthy, and to me, my instructor looks healthy.  I was surprised when she told me 140.   I was expecting her to say 125 (to which I would become very depressed because that seems unachievable) because the woman does teach classes almost every day.  She looks thin to me.  She's got some good muscles. 

So then 140 is my target, but I know that if I reach 150, I would be happy because that's only 10 more lbs than my very fit, thin instructor!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Crabby Old People

It is my hope as I grow old and all my hairs go white or gray that I will not be crabby.  I have started ushering at a local theater and I am by far the youngest usher by about 25 years or so.  And these ladies are just complaining old crabbies.  NOTHING is joyful...  Today we ushered some school groups seeing a performance and this one woman says "This is Hell!"   Then she says to me when the other house manager was on that I should do exactly what she says.  I responded that of course I would do what was asked of me.  She kind of smirked and then later proceeded to do something that she wasn't "supposed" to do which annoyed the stage manager.  Makes me laugh.

Anyhow, I'm still on a high about my 5K.  I've been doing well.  I haven't had a lot to really blog about lately so I've been a little more sporadic, but I'm doing well!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Holy Cats!!

My Aunt Carol always says Holy Cats!  and it makes me laugh a lot!  But it is appropriate for this moment.

Here are my 5k race results: 

RaceTime 37:02. 
Overall Finish 507 out of 673. 
Womens Overall Finish 290 out of 418. 
Womens Age Group Finish: 44 out of 70. 
Pace 11:57 min/mile.

I have run less than a 12 minute mile!!  I can't believe it!!  So now I say phooey to my high school P.E. teachers who always made me walk extra laps during gym class when I couldn't complete a 12 minute mile fitness run.   

And what's more is that I jogged the ENTIRE 3.1 miles!!   I finished before 171 other people!  I'm so crazy proud of myself!  I finished almost 6 minutes faster than I did 3 1/2 months ago!  Holy Cats!

I've not had a great week with food, but I am so amazed at the difference between this run and the last 5k I did that I am very motivated to get back on the train to see what will happen in another 6 months when I plan to run another 5k

Rock on my readers!  Rock on!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Little Less Carbs

So I'm not going to do any Atkins, Zone, South Beach or Dukan.  I'm just going to for a few days try to eat limited carbs.   I don't do counting, but I am aware of carb contents in stuff.   I find that I'm bloated and retaining water, and my losses are slowing down.  I want to try to rev it up a bit.   So for two days I am going to eat low carb.  I have the 5K on Sunday morning, so I will eat carbs on Saturday.  There's a bit of research that says tricking your body by eating differently helps keep your metabolism from slowing down.  We'll see.  I'm also PCOS and my OB/GYN recommended that I eat low carb over a year ago.  I just love my carbs, you see.  I actually have eaten a lot less carbs this past year, but still probably too many!

I haven't been doing as well eating wise as I should be.  Part of this is because I'm trying not to go grocery shopping as much and eating what we have in the house.  And so I end up snacking on stuff that isn't as good for me.  Thankfully, it is almost grocery time!!

My exercise has been spot on!  Having my gym buddies and instructors as facebook friends  really helps  me from falling off the wagon there! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Feeling Big, but not Fat

I realized today that while I am still very overweight, I have started to see myself as Big and not Really FAT!  Because I am no longer bigger than everyone.  Since I am able to buy shirts in Extra-Large and not Plus sized anymore.  Because my pants size is under 20. 

I love this.  I had a much better eating day.  I ran this morning and then I did my usual spin and body pump classes this afternoon.  My legs are sore! 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Why are Successes Followed by Failures

What is it about a great success that makes us trip up?  Why doesn't it just keep spurring us on into greater victory?  I've had kind of a slumpy 4 days here.  Eating has been horribly off.  I have been exercising but it's just been kind of a blah weekend.

Yesterday we went down to see 4 of our friends run the Chicago Marathon!  It was amazing!  I don't think I'd ever have that type of perseverance, but it is something else.  I do have a 5k to run this Sunday, so I've got to crank up my running this week to prepare since I haven't been running much lately.

The blood work came back FINE!  My TSH levels are now in the normal range?  Lab error? who knows.  I can now just rest assured that my hard work is the reason I lost the weight!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

75 Fantastic pounds!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yes oh yes I have overcome!! Today I am down 75.5 lbs this year! I am so thrilled, so proud of myself! It can be done people! It can be done!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Spell is Broken!!!

YEAH!!!  The evil curse of a plateau has broken!  I seriously weigh 2.5 lbs less this morning than I did yesterday and almost the whole month of September!!  I wonder if visiting the doctor and having her say that I had zero symptoms of hyperthyroidism and maybe it WAS a lab error, just released some stress I was having?  Who knows?  Who cares?   I am .5 lbs away from having lost 75 lbs this year!  75 freaking fantastic lbs. 

Loving life today...going to seriously watch the sodium intake today.  It's Tuesday and that means double workout days and light supper (since Hubby is at bible study and I don't have to cook for him), so hopefully this dip will stay!!

Have a Transforming Tuesday!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Normal photos and Being Fat and Healthy

First of all, I wanted to post the pictures that inspired my strike a pose post from a couple of days ago.  When I look at these photos, I don't feel disgusted with myself and that's a beautiful thing.  Sure I'm still bigger, but I don't stick out the way I used to...

I'm second from the left if you couldn't tell (wearing my red mittens from Oprah!)

  I'm 3rd from the right.  It was our instructors birthday (She's next to me)

Secondly, I sent hubby for a physical since he hadn't had any in a while.  His blood tests results came back and would you know that I am so much healthier!!  He only weighs about 170 lbs but his triglycerides, bad cholesterol, good cholesterol and blood pressure are all worse than mine!!  It is amazing to me that he can be 50 lbs lighter than me and have never had weight issues and I am overall healthier.  The exercise is the big part of it for sure!!

I had my follow up dr. appointment today, where they redrew blood to test my thyroid again.  She confirmed that I have ZERO of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism, so hopefully it was a lab error.
If the levels come back low again, I may need to see an endocrinologist.  I should know tomorrow or the next day.  The treatment may be radioactive iodine therapy...this would make me so unhappy.  I try to keep my life naturally...I don't know if I could deal with putting something radioactive in me....

Finally, in addressing the Malware issue.   I had this site scan my blog.  It found that the malware issue was coming from a blogger in my blog roll, but because of that I got flagged.  Since this blogger hasn't blogged in over a month, I just deleted her from the roll and now everything looks back to normal.    If it's not, please let me know!

Have a Marvelous Monday

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Are you still getting a Malware warning??

It came to my attention that some were getting the Malware warning.   I did a little research and scanning and found that it may have been coming from a blogger I had on my favorite reads.  She hasn't blogged in over a month, so I removed her from my list.

Please let me know if you still get the warning.  I had google scan MY site and it is absolutely nothing to do with my site.  It is safe.

Inspired by Leah I took a body step class this morning and it was much easier than I anticipated it being.  I kept the step off the risers, but for the first time out I got a good workout!

Have a good night!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Strike a Pose!

So I've been doing a lot of different things with groups of people that have come along with photographs taken.  I used to hate seeing any photographs of myself.  Shuddered when someone would post one on facebook.  I just looked so huge compared to everyone else.  I'm still big, but now I don't mind them.  I don't look AS big.  I look nearly normal.  And it's great.  So great.