Friday, May 13, 2011

My incredible shrinking Butt!

Here's hoping this blog post goes up and stays...What's up with you blogger?

I realized yesterday that I am more than halfway to my goal for exercise for this quarter. I had a goal of 75 hours from April to June.(3 months). This actually was a pretty aggressive goal that I may lesson next quarter, but I am more than half way there with more than a month and a half to go! I feel great.

Great, but not so underwear have been falling down! My butt is shrinking! I do have a box of smaller underwear I bought a long while back so I might need to be pulling that out soon!

Well off to Body Pump! Have a great day!


  1. *CHEERS FOR BUTT SHRINKAGE!* :) And yes, blogger is being stupid!

  2. Yes...I couldn't blog this morning, but it looks like everything is fine now.

    YAY FOR SHRINKING BUNS!!! As long as the undies don't fall off when you're running outside. LOL

    Glad you're feeling better. Have a great weekend!