Thursday, October 14, 2010

All Fall Down

Last Saturday I fell in the indent of a mulched area and badly sprained my ankle. 10 days of an air cast now. Life's little interruptions. We all have them, we all fall at some time in our life. When I fell it took a few minutes to get up because I wasn't sure if I could stand on my foot. There I was on all fours, my girls asking me if I was okay and I wasn't sure of anything except it hurt. But then after a few tears and a few minutes I was able to gain some composure and stand up and drive home (still in tears, mind you). I could have stayed on the ground and called for some help, or had my husband come pick me up. But I really didn't need it. All I needed was a few minutes. Sometimes we need a few minutes before we get back on the horse. I am frustrated that now this impedes work outs, since I had just gotten my schedule all together for the fall classes. But life happens. Falls happen. Just need to wait til I'm ready again. Soon.