Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tall Tales

I went to Body Pump this morning and there was this VERY tall man who set up his bench
right in front of me in the FRONT row. This annoys me because he is by far the tallest person in the class and when he is in front, he blocks the view of the instructors (who are on a stage - that's how tall he is). So every time the instructor has to show us things, I need to move to the side so I can see. Ah, it's just a small annoyance really. Sunday classes are packed with people.

Nothing very profound today. I'm reading "The Accidental Buddhist". It was a book another blogger that I follow..(and I can't remember who) was reading. I'm a Christian for sure, but I am very interested in the concept of mindfulness and focus. I am so all over the place in my mind, peacefulness really appeals to me. I think modern Christianity (or really what I call Churchianity)can be a bit spastic - always looking for the next great preacher, worship band, program, mission, serving project - always something to do....I love the simple...basic.

Have a happy Sunday!

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