Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm not thinner, I'm tighter!!

There is a woman in Bodyflow who just makes me laugh. I was chatting with her yesterday morning and she told me that she used to be mean in high school, laughing at other people, but somewhere along the way she decided that she had to stop that and now just laughs at herself. She was talking about losing weight and her lack there of over the last few years(and she's not even close to a baby elephant) and then she laughed and said "I'm not thinner, but I'm tighter!" This made me laugh too.. Clearly my choice is to be thinner AND tighter- less flab, more muscle, less inches. It made me think though that a lot of times I focus on the thinner and not the tighter. I push myself in cardio, but not always in weights. If I don't want to be a puddle of flab when this weight comes off I need to be doing both.

Visiting the orthopedic surgeon today to take a look at my achy knees...hoping it all goes well. It would go much better if we actually had some dry days with more than 1 day of sun at a time!!

Happy Tuesday!!

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