Friday, September 30, 2011

2011 3rd Quarter Results

So it's the last day of the quarter and here are this quarters results:
26 lbs lost
89.5 Hours of exercise
18 inches gone.

I'm happy. It's hard to go from the last quarter which had BIG losses to a more moderate weight loss, but it's still great. Weight loss is always fast in the beginning, this I know and slows down over time. It's still almost 9 lbs a month average, and that is great.

So my grand totals over the three quarters, keeping in mind that I didn't track much in the first quarter: Weight loss: 72 lbs
Hours of Exercise 171.5 PLUS whatever I did in the first quarter (probably 30 or so hours)
Inches: 48.5"!!

Now, a little word about inches. I measure the following things:
Stomach (right above belly button)

I only count one measure for each one - meaning if I lose an inch on my thigh, I only count it once in my total, not twice for my two thighs or arms, etc. I'd rather be conservative on this. But even with that almost 50 inches!! That's A Whole lot!! I didn't meet my personal goal this month, but it's all good.

I'm all good.


  1. That is great!!!!! I hope to have somewhere near your quarterly weight loss this last quarter of 2011.

    You are so inspiring, Jodie. Thank you for that!

  2. wow!
    I agree its harder when weight loss slows as is inevitable. 9lb loss a month is wonderful.
    It all adds up to those wonderful inches lost.
    Well done

  3. Its hard when you don't meet your personal goals but when you look at those numbers you should be proud.