Thursday, September 1, 2011

Shout out for September!!

So, was your August astounding? Mine was good, but maybe not astounding. I had a loss of 9 lbs. Less than prior months, but it's pretty stellar.

But let's hear it for September!! WOOHOO!! Seriously, September is my most favorite month of the year. Probably because it has my birthday it in, but really because it was always back to school (and I loved school) and the weather gets cooler, the leaves begin to change... I love it!

With the kids in school, I'll be adding a bit more activity (ie walking the dog, adding fitness classes here and there.) I already work out a lot, but if I'm not doing anything else, why not?

Tomorrow is my annual doctor visit. I'm excited to go in weighing much less than I was the last time :) It's a happy day!


  1. I also love September...especially when I'm living in climates with four seasons. :) We move a bit, so I enjoy it when I get it. :)

    Have a great doctor's visit!

  2. Good job on 9 lbs in September, that's something to be proud of!