Sunday, September 18, 2011

My body can't handle it anymore...

It was my birthday weekend, which meant that it was the weekend of eating out and going a little crazy. Thursday I went to lunch with a friend and ate a sausage cheese stromboli. I didn't finish it and I ordered it without sauce. Friday I went to lunch and had a turkey wrap with bacon and avocado - again no sauce. Then there was the disgustingly sweet Baskin Robbins Ice Cream cake for dessert. Then the night out with the girls - some appetizers and a glass of wine. Then a salmon and bacon wrap for lunch yesterday. There were a few packs of pop tarts thrown in for good measure this weekend as well.

Can I tell you, my body is not happy. I have so much gas, and yet I'm constipated. Today I am not eating at all. I'll drink my water, but I've got to work out what's in my body now. I'm not upset with what I ate at all. I rarely let myself indulge to that extent. I did a double work out Friday in preparation. Yesterday I did a 30 minute hike with a friend. I'm just shocked at how my body reacted. Eating all that stuff used to be my normal life EVERY DAY and my body just adjusted to it.

I'm glad it's adjusted to something new. I had a perfect birthday, morning til midnight and I'm excited for my 37th year. Starting it by weighing what I weighed in high school is a great start!!!

Have a good sunday!

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  1. It is funny how that happens, huh? I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday. You're already on your way to a great year ahead. :)