Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Subtracting Pounds, Adding Life

I have taken out a lot of things in my life. I've taken out high caloric meals, fatty snacks (mostly) fast food. I've taken away sitting on the couch/chair all day long. By subtracting these pounds, I'm adding to my life.

Not just adding exercise, but I've noticed other changes too. I shave my legs nearly every shower (I hated my body so much before I hardly ever did). I wear make up much more often just for the heck of it. I wear jewelry now because I'm not afraid to have people looking towards any part of my body (I was so minimalist because I didn't want anyone to look at ANY part of my body). I've added smiles and smiles to my days that weren't there before.

I'd be my friend today if I met me. Probably not before. I was so insecure. I still have those moments and probably will the rest of my life, but I'm able to reach out without as much fear. I'm worthwhile knowing and I'm starting to really believe it.

:) Loving life.


  1. The big question is, was your insecurity caused by the additional pounds or was what caused your insecurity what caused you to gain weight as well?

  2. Good question - I have been overweight since I was a child. I had a difficult childhood so it might be a bit of both!