Monday, September 12, 2011

6 months ago...

I stopped drinking Diet Coke
I committed to working out.
I was 65 lbs heavier.

I used to get frustrated that weight loss was so slow, but it's not really. I used to hear people say "You didn't put it on overnight, it won't come off that way." But 6 months I have almost wiped away 20 years of weight gain. I am 7 lbs away from being what I weighed as a junior in high school...which would be 16 years old. It really isn't that long of a time period considering.

Sure, we would all like to wake up thin, and we surely didn't wake up fat. But really, in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't take that long if we commit. (There are exceptions for those who battle thyroid conditions and insulin problems).

I hope I inspire people. I hope that I can be proof that it can and does come off. Not overnight, but more quickly than it came or stayed on.

Happy Monday!


  1. Great job! 6 months without a Diet Coke, that's impressive as well, that's my vice and I know would help me lose weight faster if I gave it up!
    Great job on the 65 lbs so far, you are doing amazing.