Friday, September 9, 2011

Sorry if it's confusing!

I've changed the title of this blog recently, as you might have noticed or it came up in your blog roll. Part of the reason was because I found that great quote by George Elliot and I find it inspiring. I guess too that it's been 30 lbs since I've been bigger than a baby elephant, so I needed something new. Sorry if it's confused you.

I need to remember that it isn't too late for me (and it's not for you either!) to do what I've always wanted to do. To be My best self. So this motivates me!

I've now lost 70 lbs this year! That is so very exciting. So much. I've never lost this much weight before. Heck, it's 20 lbs MORE than I've ever lost!! If I can accomplish this, I know I can accomplish anything!!


  1. I love your new blog name - I didn't find it confusing because - the " Not bigger than a baby elephant' was how you felt the day you started to write and now you feel changed and I think the new title is worth celebrating. The changes OTHER than weight are so important - changing how we think and speak about ourselves really matters too
    Good for you

  2. I love your title, absolutely! And 70 lbs is a lot to lose. It must be such a good feeling to know that you did do this ... a real sense of accomplishment. Congrats!