Thursday, September 22, 2011

Is September a Struggle?

I've noticed that blogging has slowed down quite a bit the past two weeks and it led me to wonder whether people are not blogging because they are busy or because they are struggling. September has been incredibly slow for me, partly my fault and partly unexplainable. I am working out more since the kids are in school, but I've had a few extra calories as I've celebrated my birthday, but the scale is pretty much stuck despite balancing those out. I'm heading this weekend to Lake Geneva, WI for a women's retreat with my church. I'm not super excited about it because honestly I don't know hardly any of the women but I was able to secure a room to myself and at the very least it's a weekend for Mommy to get away and be rejuvenated. I'm also trying to put myself out there and get rid of this fear of meeting new people at church, since people in our last church did a lot of damage. I'm so tired. It's dark in the mornings and gets dark early. I think I need to be aware of this as well, because winter is coming and it is a time where it is a lot easier to fore go the exercising and just stay home and stuff my face! Happy Thursday everyone.


  1. Hmm... you are right. Most bloggers have returned from summer ,but it appears that a lot of weight loss bloggers have slowed down. Maybe it is because of the upcoming holidays? We do not celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving to the extent they are celebrated in the US, but we do already have christmas sweets in every single store, and I have a hard time staying away from them. (I don't buy any on principles before December, but it's always been tough, and this year maybe even more because I know I will (try to) not let myself indulge to the same extent as in previous years. Heck, I even had larger "christmas pants" at my parents' place when I was a student because I would gain so much weight over the holidays. *lol* )

  2. I always have a bit of a hard time when seasons change because my cooking changes (or what I cook) and my workout schedule changes. But after a couple of weeks, I get it all figured out. I actually enjoy working out more in Fall/Winter.
    Enjoy your alone time :)