Monday, September 5, 2011

Cycling Success

Two years ago I posted this:

I did not do that loop again until today. I was probably about 280 plus pounds then. I rode today at least 60 lbs lighter and I did NOT have to stop and rest at all and I did NOT need to walk my bike up the hill.

To think about it, it makes sense. If I were to walk around carrying 60 lbs in my arms, I'd be tuckered out right away. It's these continually apparent things that make me want to continue to succeed!!

I hope you have a restful Labor Day!


  1. Isn't it crazy to look back at ourselves a year before, what we couldn't do and now what we can do?
    I think about it often that I am now at 111 lbs lost, I try to picture or remember carrying an extra 111 lbs and I just don't know how I did it, how did I manage life? I would love to be able to do like they do on the biggest loser and put 111 lbs back on me and go through one day just to remember how in the world did I function!
    Great job on all your successes so far!

  2. Isn't it awesome to have this all documented? How awesome did you feel re-reading that entry and seeing how far you've come! Great job!