Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Today is my 37th birthday! It's closer to 40 than I'd like, but I'm okay with it. I dye my hair and I have great skin, so I look closer to 30 than 40 on a good day! My husband got me a fabulous new yoga mat with dragonflies and hydrangeas. (ok, so I picked it out and he bought it, but still.) I was a little bummed because the one mat that I loved even more is only available in Canada and will NOT ship to the US! WTF! I'm willing to pay people! But no..apparently if it is not Media Mail, they won't ship. GRRRR...

I plan to work out, then have lunch with a good friend, then shop for a new top, then eat icecream cake from Baskin Robbins! (woohoo!) and then go to a bar to celebrate with some girlfriends (one of which is turning 30 today). I'm not really into the bar scene, but since this girl is 30 I figured, "Let her live it up."

I got a no-chip manicure yesterday and so far - NO CHIPS! I actually prefer the process to regular polish - it dries much faster. We'll see how it holds up!

Have a great Friday people!!


  1. Happy birthday! I wish you a successful and healthy new year, which shall lead up to a healthy and successful rest of your life!

  2. Enjoy your day :) Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday! You are still a "kid" to me!

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday! Hope your day was a great one!