Saturday, October 1, 2011

Strike a Pose!

So I've been doing a lot of different things with groups of people that have come along with photographs taken.  I used to hate seeing any photographs of myself.  Shuddered when someone would post one on facebook.  I just looked so huge compared to everyone else.  I'm still big, but now I don't mind them.  I don't look AS big.  I look nearly normal.  And it's great.  So great.


  1. Ooooh lets see!!
    I too am enjoying photographs even though I'm still very much en-route!
    You are doing soooooo well
    Delighted for you

  2. Have you had google search your blog to see why it comes up as distributing malware? I have missed reading it and braved it once just to let you know in case you didn't. I have missed you. Hope you get it fixed quickly. Lynn at Escape from Obesity has instructions on fixing the problem too.
    Good luck and glad you're doing well.