Saturday, April 16, 2011

What fasting Diet Coke has done for me

I had a lovely lunch yesterday with a dear friend who is very inspired by my discipline of going over a month without Diet Coke. She asked me what good it has done for me (besides the obvious benefit of drinking more water). It occurred to me that my cravings for sugary treats is nearly gone. There has been an unopened bag of Hershey Miniatures on my counter for 3 days and I am not even tempted to break into it! Amazing, no? I know somewhere along the line I had read that Diet coke (and I suppose any soda pop) can cause cravings, but I never gave it much thought until my friend asked me what was better without DC. I still cannot say my brain is any more clear headed (what I had hoped for) but I am becoming convinced of some evil of the drink I have loved my whole life. I may just keep on going without it!

I had a fabulous day today shopping at a Plus Sized Boutique! Store in Chicago called Vive La Femme. I got 3 summer sleeveless tops, A summer dress and an AWESOME black and white fancier dress! I loved the experience. The women on the floor pulled stuff for you to try on. Now not everything they pulled was great, but it was just so fun to have someone wait on you like that! You don't get that kind of service in Department stores. And it was just awesome that it was a boutique. LOVED IT!


  1. I quit regular coke in 2009, which was huge b/c i used to drink 6+ a day! Then i switched to Diet Sprite, which was a good substitute for me (at the time i thought diet was just fine!). But in January i quit diet sprites & i am so glad! I haven't really thought about what's different except that i drink so much water now & i love that! :)

    CONGRATS on sticking w/ no diet coke! & that sounds like a fun shopping day!

  2. I wish we had any plus sized boutiques around here! I love it when they pull stuff for you to try on. Sounds like a great trip! :)