Saturday, April 2, 2011

Possible Hernia!!

Ugh...went into immediate care today because I have had this sharp pain in my abdomen since at least Tuesday. It only hurts when I have been standing up for any period of time. I exercised all week with no problems, but I walked around the grocery store and I was bending over in pain.

The MD thinks it could be a hernia because of where it is and the type of pain. He also said it could be something to do with scar tissue from my gall bladder surgery, which was like 15 years ago...I forget exactly what the issue would be. So, he wants me to go to PCP this week and probably get an ultrasound to see what it is for sure.

He did say that I could continue doing anything that I'm comfortable doing and don't do things I'm not comfortable with. I hope it's not a hernia, because that would require surgery.

On the plus side I had a huge NSV when I didn't eat the entire contents of my cupboards and fridge when I found out the potential news. We did have ice cream as a special treat after dinner, but anytime I can deal with a stressful situation without stuffing my face is a victory!


  1. Sorry you're not feeling well, and I hope it turns out to be something that is not serious or does not require a surgical procedure. Great job on the NSV victory!

  2. So sorry to hear you're achin' and hope it isn't a hernia - it's not a big deal, but who wants a hernia repair?! (though any surgery generally yields at least temporary weight loss!)

    Excellent NSV.