Monday, April 25, 2011

Heading into Battles

Wednesday I leave for New England with my girls. We'll be flying out Wednesday and returning Saturday PM. I feel strong but every time I go to visit family I come home with no determination for anything. (and then I gain 40 lbs) My brother and I are on the outs (as usual). I just need to take lots of breaths and be mindful of each moment and not stuff things in my mouth when the moments aren't wonderful. I've got a good plan of where I am going, who I am seeing, so it will all be fine, right? I'm hoping so!

I'm also a little nervous to head into week 2 of C25K. 90 seconds of jogging at a time
. I know it's not alot but still, lugging this 269 lb body around takes a lot of energy.

Battles. May I be victorious!


  1. Wishing you victories in both areas! I started jogging with C25K, so I feel your pain. :)