Saturday, April 23, 2011

I did something for 43 days....

I have completed the official Blood Water Mission 40 days of just water. No soda, no coffee, no juice..I even cut out milk! In turn we were to donate what we would have spent on those things to the Blood Water Mission that helps in African communities to bring fresh water by digging and building ..things that can sustain help. They also help with AIDS orphans. As a family we did this (the kids had a Mommy Modified version) and we saved about $175.00 by only drinking water for 40 days. That sounds like a lot..but my husband drinks a coffee a day at $1.00 a day. The kids drink a juice a day for about $2 per week, and I was drinking almost 48 cans a week of Diet Coke. That was about 7 a day! Since Walmarts prices went up to almost $7.00 a case, that is $14 per week in Diet Coke.
Often I was buying water at the fitness center for $1. It sure adds up. We are glad to be able to donate this money to an organization like this.

The bigger thing is that I actually Did something for more than 40 days!! I can't remember the last time that I did anything for 40 days in a row! The possibilities of what I can do seem amazing to me! :)

Happy day!

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