Thursday, April 14, 2011

Water, Water Everywhere!

I have been officially Diet Coke Free for an entire month!! This is amazing. I do feel like I've been set free from it!. I've been drinking diet soda (or pop) since I can remember. My Nana used to give me Diet Pepsi, but Diet Coke won the taste test for me! It had gotten to a 6 pack a day habit (at least) which is pretty much 2 Liters of Diet Coke a day! (with caffeine). I somewhat have justified my habit saying that most of Diet Coke is water, it has no calories, yada yada yada. But I was addicted to the stuff. Certain foods (like Chinese or chocolate) triggered cravings of it. Stress was a huge indicator in how much Diet Coke I drank. Feeling blue, mad, sad, happy - drink a Diet Coke! Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night and just HAD to have a glass or can of the DC.

I still can't say that I feel a huge difference physically by not having the caffeine. I only had a headache for one day, but mentally knowing that I am putting only what is healthy in my body each day is satisfaction.

I'm only supposed to stay DC free until Easter (as part of the Blood Water Mission Project) but I might just be keeping on...If I can break such an addictive habit, I can do anything! :)

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  1. Woo hoo congratulations on going a month without Diet Coke! DC is one of my downfalls...I'm totally addicted to it. I had a doctor tell me once that if I was going to drink pop at all to drink regular Coke because diet pop is sooooo bad for you. But I've always liked DC and on Weight Watchers DC is 0 points. So, I always justify drinking it. I've given it up before for short periods of time...I really need to work on giving it up long term!

    Keep up the great work :-)