Sunday, April 10, 2011

Coincidence? I think not!

So I had a fairly bad eating weekend (not as bad as some days past, but not great in comparison to the last 2 weeks!). It really was no surprise to me as I analyzed what was going on that the eating happened after I had booked my trip to New England to see family and was trying to coordinate visiting with people. When one friend couldn't see us either of the two days I was available, instead of saying "We'll catch you next time" she said "You should have called me before you booked your flight!" and sounding very upset that I wouldn't be seeing her. (even though in 4 years I have flown to New England no less than 8 times and she has come to Chicagoland 0 times. This sent me into a maelstrom of emotions - "Why do I have to check with her. I have my own plans, my own life!" And then I ate. Of course if I didn't have ice cream sandwiches in my freezer to start with there wouldn't have been that big of a problem, but I did. I ate 6 ice cream sandwiches in a sitting. The calorie count wasn't horrific...each one had 120 calories so really it was only about 720 calories total, but still...I was feeding an emotion....

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