Monday, April 18, 2011

Momma's got a new pair of shoes!

So I did a whole lot of reading up on overweight people running/jogging and although there is a whole lot of "STOP before you hurt yourself" type of comments, there is also a lot of good information. Every single place that talked about overweight running (and I'm really looking to jog not to run) said the first thing that is a must is correct shoes!

I went to a specialty running shop and there the owner scanned my feet, which showed where the pressure points were (mostly in the heels). She then watched me walk and told me that my feet over pronate (which means something like they roll in). This apparently is a very common problem with overweight people. To fix this, they recommend a Motion Control shoe. I must confess I thought this at first sounded like it came with an electrical gadget to pump your shoe so you are walking siree! Really it is just a rather flat footed shoe with good arch support and a very supportive heel. I also bought some inserts to offer even more protection. This is pretty much what they look like:

Let's hope they will work as well as they should. I think they are the most expensive shoes I've ever owned :)

Today my shins hurt a little from my 3.1 mile walk yesterday, but I still went out for BodyFlow this AM.

Happy Day!!


  1. Oh I'm in desperate need of a new pair of shoes. I have really wide feet so last year when I went shoe shopping I found a pair of Ryka's that were super comfortable for my fat feet. But they didn't offer much arch support.

    I've heard really great things about the Brooks brand of shoes. I actually looked at some online. I want to do what you did though and go have someone evaluate my feet.

  2. Good for you! It is always amazing to me how much a good pair of shoes help. This is a good reminder that I may be due for a new pair of shoes.

  3. yay!! Glad I found you again! Love the new blog! The running store said the same thing about my feet and put me in Brooks too! You'll love them. There's no better investment. you are doing awesome!!!