Tuesday, April 12, 2011

As Time Goes By...

I haven't been posting about losses or gains in my daily posting lately, instead choosing to update my ticker when I record a loss. I think this is helping me. Even though I do weigh myself every day, I'm not blogging about how the scale didn't move for 6 days even though I was nearly perfect with my eating. And somehow this is helping me. I think when I don't dwell on it every day then I am more likely to stay positive. Even though I haven't lost any particular day, I still see my ticker that says 10.5 lbs gone. It's a positive reinforcement. It has me looking at what I've done well so far.

I had to actually look at a calendar to figure out how long I've actually been doing well and it has been almost 3 weeks! (with the one slip up!)

Last night I went to my monthly Mom's Group at Panera and I was tempted to get a pastry. On a whim I asked the server if he knew how many calories was in a French Croissant: 310. So I said, well how bout that small carrot muffin? - 500!! And the cinnamon roll? Over 600! And the pecan roll? 730!!! I never imagined such small things would have so many calories. My choice? A fruit cup - 60 calories!


  1. Congratulations on making such a healthy choice at Panera. One of my biggest downfalls is eating healthy when I'm out and about! I get so tempted by the "bad" things. Wow, those are some insane calorie amounts in those little things! Isn't it interesting to find out the true calorie content and compare it to what we think it might be? I'm always so amazed at how much worse things really are than I imagine them to be! lol

    I don't know how you can weigh yourself every day and not get discouraged. Right now I'm kind of anti-scale because I become so obsessive over it and if it's not moving (or going up) it's so discouraging. I took it out of my closet to weigh in now that I'm back on track but it's right back in the closet. I'm still up in the air about how often I'm going to weigh in - weekly, every other week or just once a month.

    By the way 10.5 lbs gone is great :-) Just keep moving forward and soon that will start to change!

  2. I love to eat out! But, it is always a time of weakness for me, because I can throw caution to the wind and indulge in my favorite foods. Congrats for making a good choice at Panera. I ate there today, and I struggled to choose healthy food, but in the end, I chose wisely and felt good about it when I got home.