Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Good Things Come to Those who Wait

FINALLY, the scale moved! I haven't been writing much about the actual weight, just updating my ticker when it goes down. It hadn't gone down in 10 days. I wasn't terribly surprised since I had my monthly visitor but it was a bit frustrating. I was incredibly proud of myself this week though as I weighed every day, hoping that it would go down even .5 lbs so I could update a loss. I did not feel depressed, hopeless, apathetic.. I was very aware that TOM can mess up water retention and I just weighed and waited. Yesterday, all of a sudden I was going to the bathroom it seemed every 5 minutes...bye bye water! Hello scale loss!

ON a not good note, I just feel down the stairs and popped something in my already pre-arthritic knees..hopefully it doesn't mess with my workout plans today...GRRRR...

Also I am HALF WAY to my first goal (of weighing less than a baby elephant!) Once I reach that I will also be less than I've ever been here on my blogs. I think in January 2010 I hit 253.5 and then it was all over...gained 30 lbs back in less than a year. I look forward to breaking that weight soon!