Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Just Did Something Crazy!!

I just did something crazy...inspired by other bloggers and RL friends who do these sorts of things...

I registered for a 5k Run/Walk. Now, not any old race, mind you...

The World's Largest Corn Maze Run 5k! Check it out here

What I love about this:
1) It's not until October 16th. (6 months to train and get my speed up)
2) It's in October so it will be cooler weather
3) It's in a freaking corn maze!!
4) There will be no spectators of the overweight me trying to run.
5) It supports the Special Olympics.
6) It's in a freaking corn maze!!! (It deserved twice the love!)

So I'm going to train using the couch to 5k training found here
We'll see how it goes...Crazy, right?