Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it.

The day started good and ended badly. Did great until I got home from Bible Study and found out the internet wasn't working! EGADS, NOT THAT!!! I always catch up on blogs and tv shows while my girls watch an afternoon video and I had planned that today! My plan was messed up. And when my plans get messed up, I get messed up.

This is one of those behavior modifications I need to make. I need to not grab food to somehow "fix" the problems at hand, because it doesn't. I think I'm mentally okay now. Hubby got on the roof to fix the antenna to our internet (because I didn't want to wait until tomorrow afternoon!)
He's really the greatest.

Because my plans were "messed up" I couldn't bring myself to make dinner, so we ordered pizza and fried chicken. One of my twins will not eat pizza, but the other one loves it. I ate more than was good for me. I'm hoping that this will just give my metabolism a boost instead of making me gain weight.

I read a very good article today about slow weight loss.

I have been losing very slowly compared to my times on WW. I must remember that I gained it all back quickly. Losing it this way might make it more sustainable. I took the advice in the article and have made a chart of each week and how much I should weigh if I should lose (-2 per week). Then I can see if I'm on track. So far I am. It looks like this: - It's not actual weights, but what I should be weighing at that week.

August 10 - 290 (starting weight)
August 17 - 288
August 24 - 286
August 31 - 284
September 7 - 282
September 14 -280
September 21 - 278
September 28 - 276
October 5 - 274

If I haven't reached the number by the week it says, then I need to up my efforts. Right now I am a few pounds ahead of schedule, which will allow me not to freak out when I have a bad week, or day, like today.


  1. Alrighty Jodie, back on track tomorrow.

    Internet not working is a problem, isnt it? We all need our daily fix.

    I am going to read that article now. Do good tomorrow!!! Like you said, you are ahead of schedule!

  2. Just read the article. That is a good one. Slow and steady is the best way to go.

  3. New to your blog. Awesome job on your weight reduction so far. Stay strong and focus. Good luck.

  4. Great that you're ahead of schedule! I'm the same way when my plans are thwarted...I want a fast fix with no more work than dialing the phone. Good that it didn't set you off to eat junk.

    I'm going to read the article after work.