Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Red like a Sunburn

I was supposed to have a break day today, but I think I'm becoming addicted to the fitness center. We had a good cleaning day this morning and then went to a park for lunch with some friends. It was a lovely day. K has bible study tonight, so it's just me and the girls, and maybe I got a little bored and saw there was a step class tonight with a different instructor. So why not?

This teacher - Cathy was her name, was very peppy, but not as strange as Donna yesterday. I just don't know why step can't be a little more basic. I'm sure someone somewhere tonight is probably blogging about this obese girl sweating like a hog who couldn't figure out the steps! I thought I'd feel more coordinated the second time, but it was worse than the first. Each instructor does different moves, so even if I took a third class, it'd still probably be like the first time! My knees don't love step that's for sure...even on the lowest level...

I had to laugh when I looked in the mirror after class...I was beet red. Not just my face, but my chest and arms too! It looked as if I had laid out in the sun for far too long!!! I guess it's just an indication of how hard I worked!!

I'm emotional lately...it could be TOM but I'm feeling a little sad that I have to go through this work to lose weight. The scale is moving slowly, which I know is healthy, but I have the strong desire to lose lose lose fast fast fast! I guess sometimes I think because I was sad while putting on the weight, I should be happier to lose it. Not so! Of course I am happy to lose weight, but when the end goal is so far away, it is hard to be so happy. My husband is very happy at my interest in healthiness. That will have to do for today!


  1. Don't be discouraged! Every little bit counts. You are doing great! :D

  2. I understand how disappointing it can be to see the pounds coming off so slowly, but you know it's the only healthy and sustainable way. Good for you for focusing on how all these changes are making your husband happy, so that at least you get some satisfaction from that even when you aren't feeling too chipper yourself. That is a smart strategy! And just think of the FANTASTIC behavior you are modeling for your daughters! Please remember you have just as much right to be at the gym as any skinny person, and also that most people are too wrapped up in their own worries and insecurities to notice us the way we fear they do.