Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Biggest Loser

Once I watched this show and vowed not to watch it again because the challenge they placed in front of all these people was 2 hours of eating any fattening thing they wanted and people did! I thought it was the cruelest, meanest thing at the time. But I think I've now figured out that I shouldn't have been angry at the show, but at the losers who thought they could tow the line and still lose weight. It really doesn't work like that. Sometimes, if luck has it, we can binge for two hours on everything bad thing and it kick starts our metabolism. But, these guys didn't need it. They wanted $$$ and were willing to sacrifice their spot on the game and their lifestyle for it. Would I do that? I would like to think no. I would rather be the big winner than take a small prize. My guess is that every one of those contestants thought they deserved to gorge on the food.

I decided to watch it again, from the beginning to see if it motivated me. I cried so much for these folks. First, though I was happy because I am not and have not ever been over 400 lbs. Secondly, the women that were my weight didn't look as bad as I thought I looked. Overweight, of course, but not gross. I was not a big fan of Jillian cursing at the contestants, although this is part of "good" television they believe. I think if someone was yelling at me like that I wouldn't need F-bombs to make me feel worse. I mean, I'm not watching COPS. And to hear that out of a woman just makes me cringe. It is amazing the amount of weight these folks lose in a week. I cannot believe that is healthy. Everything I know about nutrition and exercise tells me that weight loss that fast is dangerous.

I am rooting for Abby & Allen. Abby lost her husband and 2 kids in a car accident two years ago. Allen is a firefighter. They both did very well the first week. I do need to say too that I praise God that I can walk a mile without feeling like I'm going to die. It stressed me out that 2 contestants needed hospitalization for it. I am kind of mad they didn't give the contestants water for the run. I know it was only a mile, but still this seems kind of cruel. (Maybe they had water stations that we didn't see, like at marathons?) But I can do almost any kind of exercise for an hour. And I don't need to keel over.

I may watch again. Some of it makes me angry, but the stories hit home. The emotions are insightful. The more I learn about myself the better I will be and the more I will be able to accomplish in this journey of the overweight life.


  1. Hi Jodie,

    I meant to watch last night and forgot. I saw the first week the the people had to complete a mile walk/run on the beach to win (I forget what) something, and also to be guaranteed immunity for the next week. I fell asleep before the end.

    Thanks for sharing a couple of your hurtful comments from people on my blog. I hear you - the memory stays crystal clear in my mind. It's painful and hurtful. Why would anyone think it was okay to say something like that??!

  2. I've been recording it and fast forwarding through the crying :) I have to say they gave us a LITTLE more nutrition info but the product placement stuff doesn't even make sense. I wish I knew what Jillian was putting into those "convenient Ziplock bags" :)