Thursday, October 1, 2009

SummerTime is Ticking Away...

I miss the summertime. Not the weather, but the schedule! I made a big effort to not be running here and there and everywhere so we could have calm days. Then, when I started going to the fitness center I could go pretty much anytime I wanted.

Now, not so much. And because of it my motivation has gone down to exercise. I'm still doing it, but I've lost a little bit of the fervor for it. It seems we have an activity almost everyday.
Mondays - Awana
Tuesdays - nothing for us, but hubby has bible study so it's a LOOOONG day for Mom
Wednesdays - Bible Study
Thursdays - Choir
Fridays - Swimming and Ballet for the Girls

I guess it's not that much and I can certainly exercise around it, but I don't get to decide anymore which class I want to take, it's more of a I have this time free what class is available! The fall schedule at the fitness center isn't as good either - different instructors, different class schedule. Oh's just griping, but I miss those days. I'm reminded though that next year my peanut and pumpkin will be in full day Kindergarten, and I could work out like the Biggest Losers if my heart desires it while I miss my little angel/devils.

That being said I LOVE the fall. I love the weather. We have a circular fireplace in our living room and we've had a fire two nights this week now! It's so relaxing and makes it feel so homey. I love our house. We are a little bit out in the country, so it's lovely. Really lovely. And that makes me happy!! This is my living room with the fireplace...

The only temptation: I really wanted a cup of hot cocoa last night. If I hadn't chowed on Pizza and Fried Chicken I might have had it, but I figured I'd done enough damage!

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