Saturday, September 26, 2009

How do I diet, let me count the ways...

So I was browsing the library shelves today looking for something interesting to read regarding weight loss. What I found was a plethora of books which would make anyone's head spin. Here's just a sampling of what we had at our local library (not including what you can get in the library network)

The Zone Diet
The Atkins Diet
The Okinawa Diet
The G-Diet (gluten free)
The South Beach Diet
The Flexitarian Diet (a vegetarian type diet)
The Flat Belly Diet
The Tea Diet
The PH Balance Diet
The Mediterranean Diet
The Geno-Type Diet
The Cardio Free Diet
The 3 Hour Diet
The Abs Diet
The Inside Out Diet
The Rice Diet
The Reverse Diet
The New York Diet
The Hamptons Diet
The Hallelujah Diet
The Sonoma Diet
The Fat Smash Diet
The No Flour No Sugar Diet
The Raw Food Detox Diet
The No-Fad Diet
The Starch Blocker Diet
The No-Grain Diet
The Blood Type Diet
The Real Age Diet
The Bone Density Diet
The Ketogenic Diet
The Weigh Down Diet
The Philosophers Diet
The Paleolithic Plan for Diet
The Metabolic Diet

There were more..these were just the easiest titles most written after the year 2000.

We all know there are more: The juice diet, The detox diet, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, LA Weight Loss, Volumetrics Diet, The leek diet. The beet diet....these are just the ones coming off the top of my head. Is it no wonder people don't know how to lose weight??? There is so much different information how would anyone know which is right and what achieves results?

Isn't it crazy? I throw in the towel with all of this and just go back to the basics.

Eat less, Eat better
Move more, move faster.


  1. I think you would actually enjoy The Flexitarian Diet. It is kind of a back to basics (while reducing the amount of meat you eat) type of diet. It is non-restrictive and very easy to follow because it is more of a lifestyle rather than a "diet" that you must follow. The author is a well known and well respected Registered Dietitian. I really enjoy the book and it has helped transform my eating habits. I am much healthier and the book turned me on to several foods that I knew about but never really knew how to prepare. I would highly recommend the book.

  2. Hi Jodie,

    Love this post! I'm sorry to admit I own several of those books - yikes! I've yet to see a book titled "Eat Less Move More", because bottom line, that's what it takes.

    I have a little surprise - I gave you an Honest Scrap aware today. You can pick it up at my blog anytime. I really appreciate reading of your journey to health and fitness. Congratulations!