Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I don't think I could do it...

I met a woman named Melissa in the steam room today after yoga class. She had gastric bypass 6 weeks ago. I was very interested to know about it since I have never met anyone that had actually had the surgery performed. She told me she has lost 47 lbs since the surgery. She was 250 lbs when she decided to have it. This sounds grand, until she told me the rest. She cannot have solid food for at least another month. She is having to puree everything she eats into a broth. And for the first month all she could have was protein shakes 3 times a day! She can not eat anything with high fat or high sugar or else she will have serious physical problems.

This is not for me. I asked her if she cried every day because she couldn't eat anything but she said no because she really wasn't hungry for anything. I can't even imagine having to be on a liquid diet for 2 months. (I thought - "No wonder you've lost 47 lbs - you aren't eating anything!) I know I am an emotional eater, but I LOVE the taste of food and sometimes the texture of it as it hits my tongue. I didn't like a liquid diet for two days after I had my wisdom teeth pulled never mind for two months.

I felt sad too because this woman used to be thin before marriage and kids (125 lbs she told me) and was 25 lbs less than I am right now when she had the surgery. She told me she had pre-diabetes, PCOS, fatty liver so that's why she did it. I have some of that too, but my weight isn't about the fat and the food, it's about my self control. I really hope this woman has self control once she gets past this initial recovery. I don't think I could do it. I would be a gastric bypass failure and probably end up killing myself because I botched the surgery myself.

On the positive side I weighed in today at 273.8!! The scale finally started dropping, and it is dropping faster now!

On the embarrasing side...I got TOM the other day and I took yoga today. The pad must have shifted as I had a small circle of redness on my pants that I felt a little more than mid way through. Tell me that others have this happen, where the flow misses the pad? This was the first time that I took just plain Yoga. The BodyFlow class I take is MUCH better. I didn't think this instructor was that great. She switched moves too fast. I didn't feel any mind/body connection from the class and there was a song on the music trax that played 3 times during the hour - just distracting.

Life is good anyway!

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  1. I'm with you on the subject of gastric bypass. My cardiologist suggested it and I shot him down immediately. I like to eat! I'm not willing to give that up forever for the sake of losing weight. It's one of my pleasures in life--I hope to moderate myself and become healthier, but if I want to indulge occasionally, I like to have that option without worrying that I'm going to split my gut or have sugar "dumping" syndrome. It just seems to me there are healthier, less drastic ways of achieving the same results...