Friday, September 4, 2009

Scale Love and Hate

I like weighing myself. Not the number of course...but just knowing which direction I'm going helps me. Especially today...I got on the scale. 280.0. I stepped on again...279.5. I stepped on again....279..I stepped on one last time 278.5. I lost 1 1/2 lbs in about 15 seconds! Amazing! I love my scale! Ha. Well truthfully, this is where I hate my scale. It is not consistent and for someone trying to lose weight a pound and a half is a BIG deal. How my scale can be so inconsiderate to tease....

I'm not caught up in the numbers...I just like seeing them. We are off to Springfield, IL this weekend so I won't be blogging for a few days...I won't get to exercise as much, but we will be walking around everywhere, so there's something!


  1. Love the scale/hate the scale! If that were me I'd have kept stepping on hoping for continued loss of .5 lb increments. I laughed at your comment about the peanut butter and having your husband take it to work. My husband rolls his eyes when I ask him to hide stuff (he works out of the home :( )but usually will comply.

    Have a good Labor day weekend. Keep up the good work. I really enjoy your blog.

  2. Feel the same way about the's just a number as long as I see a slow downward trend. I can also track water weight I am holding on to at certain times of the month and prepare mentally for them.

    I got a great WW digital scale at Wal-mart that I love and is pretty consistant no matter how many times I step onto it.

    Have a great weekend...make healthy choices, and keep up the great work!!

  3. Have a great trip! And just a suggestion, new set of scales, maybe? :D