Wednesday, September 2, 2009

If the Shirt fits...

I am so excited today. A shirt that I bought over 2 years ago which didn't fit then fits today! When I graduated college there was a sale in the bookstore of school merchandise. I wasn't planning on buying too much collegiate gear because I really wasn't fond of the school I went to. However, I can't resist a great sale and I was worried I would get nostalgic and be sad I didn't have any college shirts. So I bought 2 shirts for maybe $5.00 each? They were XL size and I didn't fit into them at the time, but I thought..."SOMEDAY". That someday is TODAY!! I was just organizing my shirt drawer trying to find a shirt to match my capris and I thought, what the heck..I'll try it on and to my amazement it fits.

Although the scale isn't moving as fast as I'd like, I will say that I notice parts of my body that are losing weight. Oddly I am losing weight just below my rib cage. There is now a slight indent there that wasn't there before. It's kind of weird and I asked my husband to confirm it because I thought maybe I just hadn't noticed the indents before. He confirmed that he doesn't remember it either. I guess that's great, but I'd rather the weight be lost from my tush or the roll of fat that's below my belly button! I mustbe losing in the chest/back area too since my tshirts and shirts are feeling a little looser. I really wish it would be my waist though. I've always bought my shirts too big to begin with to hide my fat. My jeans are not yet feeling any looser though. Maybe next week.

Off to enjoy the day!!


  1. Yea! What an amazing accomplishment! I can't wait til that happens to me. I've been on this yo-yo for so long losing the same pounds over and over that it's been a long time since I've had that feeling of getting back into something that didn't fit. Hopefully soon, though! :D

  2. What an awesome feeling that is! Way to go. Keep up the great work...let it inspire you to progress even further.

  3. Good job! It's always a thrill when something "new" fits! :)