Thursday, September 3, 2009

There's nothing Fast about Fasting

Today I was required to fast until my doctor's appointment at 1:00pm. They wanted to get good blood work results, which I am personally glad for. But doesn't go by fast. I was so hungry by dinner time. I was very good and did not go off the deep end at 3:00 when I picked up the kids. I could have..I even though about it but I knew supper was in just about 2 hours so I could wait... I did.

I was very pleased today that the scale dipped below 280. It means progress. My first goal is to fit into my wedding dress. Just because it doesn't fit anymore and I want to start at getting down to my married weight. My dearest K has agreed that once I get down to a weight that I am comfortable, he will renew vows with me and I will get to pick a wedding dress that I really want...not just the limited selection of wedding dresses for plus sized people. I really did love my dress, but was disappointed that I had so few options being such a large size. I know its just a material thing, but it is something I have to strive for.

My lowest recorded weight that I have is September 15, 2001 at 228.8. I had lost 44 lbs on WW. And then we all know what happened 9/11/01. That next week I gained 4.2 lbs, the week after i gained 4 lbs. Then another 4 lbs. I quit WW October of 2001 after these gains. In one month I gained 10 lbs. Isn't that crazy!?

Then I joined again in 2004. I started at 277.8 and ened at 261.2 after 6 weeks.

Then I joined in 2006 at my highest recorded weight of 302 lbs. Isn't it amazing that you can gain 40 lbs in 2 years? Seriously crazy. That's what marriage will do to you. ;) nah, that's what eating 2 candy bars a day and lots of chinese food for lunch will do. After 6 weeks I was at 282.2 and then I quit.

2008 - I joined again. I started at 282 and by April 08 - 264.6. That was the lowest I got on the last time I did WW before quitting and August 2009, I was up to 290 + some.

So, I know I can lose, and I know I can gain. And I know that it can happen very fast. This time its taken me 1 month to lose 10 lbs. Even if I lost only 1 lb a week for the next year I would be in the low 200's. That's not insurmountable. Perhaps I lost too fast on WW. That's why I yo-yo'd so much. Maybe this time, NOT doing a program and just trying to live life will help do better. I can always hope!

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