Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Zum a Zum, Ah!

Today was the first day they offered Zumba at our fitness center. I will say that the class went by quite quickly and it was a good workout. The instructor was not that great however. Cindy didn't use the microphone, so the music was way softer than it should have been. She had to use her notes a few times to know what steps we would have to use. And not all the music was Latin music. Michael Jackson tunes do not inspire me to Mambo or samba, thank you. Moonwalk, maybe.

The steps were not that hard to learn and it was pretty easy to keep up with the instructor. The class had 5 others in it, but surprisingly after a while I didn't really notice them. So when the instructor said to shake our booty, I shook it!

It was really a lot of fun and a tremendous work out! I think my sneakers were a little bulky, so I might try wearing different ones next time so I wouldn't feel so clunky.

Test results came back from the doctor:
Cholesterol: 158 - HDL(good) 41 - Bad:89 Under 200 for cholesterol is good. Greater than 39 is good for HDL and less than 99 for the bad. So I'm good! This is much better than in 2008 - (Cholesterol: 172 - Good 37, Bad 102). So here I am much healthier!

Triglycerides: 138 -(under 149 is good) In 2008 - 167 - Yay.

The one cause for concern was an elevated liver enzyme. ALT - It's at 42 and it should be less than 40. It 2008 it was at 34. I don't know what this could be from. I need to go back in a month and have it checked again.

I am very pleased with these results. VERY!


  1. Woohoo--great test results! Congrats on a healthier you. You go on and shake that booty, girl! :D

  2. I'm a big fan of Zumba! So glad you tried it.

  3. Those great test results really are inspiring, aren't they? They help us know that all that work and saying no to certain foods is doing more than just whittling our waists. You are healthier!

    I had an elevation of a liver enzyme a couple of years ago that was minimal, like your ALT of 42. My doctor thought it was probably a bit of fatty liver and said that if I lost weight and cleaned up my act, it would improve. It's never been up since.

    Good job!