Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm a Lumberjack and I'm okay...

As I type this I am sore. I haven't felt a lot of soreness these past few weeks, but today it is here.

This morning I took BodyStep. The class was pretty good. I was breathing heavily and sweating profusely, so that is a good thing. The class instructor (Donna H) was a little loopy. She added all these dance hand moves to go along with stepping. It was fun, but made me feel like I was auditioning for A Chorus Line!

This afternoon we had wood delivered for the winter. They just drive up and drop in in the driveway, so I went ahead and stacked it. Normally I would have left this job to my hubby, but in my effort to be a better wife, and my generally pleasant mood lately I decided to do it for him. He probably won't like the way I did it, but it's done, nevertheless. So the two things combined have made my legs quite sore. K wanted to work out at the gym tonight, but I don't think I could work out any more and still be able to do anything tomorrow. My girls helped with the wood and they were so precious.

I've been eating pretty well lately. Lots of veggies and fruits with occasionally treats like candy bars or icecream. My goal is to feel normal. And normal people eat those things in moderation. So therefore, I can eat them in moderation as well. It will prevent me from binging, hopefully.

It's C's first night of ballet class and I'm excited for her. I confess that I do live out some of my childhood unmet desires through my kids. If I would have been thin, I would have enjoyed ballet. C is very gifted rythmically and if she enjoys it, I want to see her succeed at whatever she chooses. S is taking swimming, because that is where she is gifted. C will learn to swim as well, but she's not ready yet. I don't believe in forcing kids into things they are clearly not ready or have an aptitude for. At least not at a young age. When they are older I want them to try things to see if they like them, but now it is just too frustrating for them when they can't do something.

Off to get a snack...

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