Monday, August 1, 2011

Astounding August

I had a great July - it seemed long though...down 12.5lbs for the month. I excited for a new month and I hope it's astounding. I know that even though I lost the weight, I didn't work as hard as I could have, didn't eat as well as I could have, didn't have as much water. I am not disappointed at all with my loss, don't get me wrong. I just feel like I often did in college when I did a paper the night before, didn't proofread it and still got an A. So my goal for August is to be even just a little bit better.

I had a discussion with one of the fitness instructors of Body Pump about increasing weights. She said that often times you might only do a few reps at a higher weight before you have to take them off. The next time you do a little more...etc...until eventually you will be able to do a whole track with a higher weight. I think weight loss is like that. It takes a bit of time to work into a routine and each month it should get better and better and we should get stronger and stronger.

Yesterday I went through my closet and pulled out my too big clothes. I was a little sad about getting rid of a few dresses that I do love. They actually could be worn and didn't *look* terrible, but felt huge. I am trying not to hold onto "What If" clothes. I've always kept clothes just in case. Not this time. I threw out a bunch of too big underwear this past weekend too. It was time. They were falling down. (and sometimes bringing my pants with them). It's a good feeling (however I am very frugal, so getting rid of stuff I paid for sometimes bugs me!)

How will you make your August Astounding, Amazing, All In?
I love reading your blogs!


  1. Awesome news!!!12.5lbs..congrats!!

  2. Wow a fantastic loss!! I totally agree with you about getting the clothes that don't fit out of our lives. It would be like an ex- smoker keeping 20 cigarettes in the house "in case" they needed to smoke again. Its gone, and you're never going back there.
    You're doing so well

  3. I do the "Just In Case" clothing, too! I also keep the "I"ll fit into it again someday" hahahaha!!
    Great job on the 12.5!!

  4. 12.5 lbs is a fantastic loss for the month! Congratulations, what a great payoff for all of your hard work. I have been regularly been clearing my closet of the "too big" clothes and filled 3 garbage bags to sell at this weekends rummage sale. That's on top of 2 garbage bags full that were thrown out and 2 more bags full that were given to a friend over the last year. It really was sad to get rid of a few things that I really liked. I'm frugal too, so I have been refurbishing my wardrobe through Goodwill, Salvation Army, consignment shops and with hand me downs. It really is great though when you realize that you can fit into the next smaller size. It makes all of the effort worthwhile.

  5. Great loss for the month. I will adopt the Astounding August motto. I love your blog. And your daughters are adorable...I have two girls also however much older (19 & 15) trust me enjoy them