Thursday, August 25, 2011

It never gets old...

When buying clothes is a smaller size, the excitement never gets old.

When people compliment me and tell me how good I am looking, the pleasure never ceases (although some pressure can get added)

I realized that I (and probably many of you) hide in sizes too large. I know I did. This is why I got rid of everything that was even slightly too big. ANy size 24 and most of size 22 are gone forever. It's hard because something big will never be snug and unless it is falling off of us will make us feel comfortable. Today I bought size 16-18 workout gear at Walmart. (Danskin makes great workout clothes in plus sizes available at Walmart) I wrestled with myself about it though. Here was the process

Self: Hmm..maybe I should get the 2x (20-22) Then I'll be sure they fit.

Self2: Um, you goof. You are wearing the 20-22 right now and they are getting loose.

Self: Yeah, but if I got the 16-18 and they are or look tight, I would just have to bring them back, and that's a pain.

Self2: Well, isn't it better to buy something that *might* be more snug and work to make it less so than to buy something you will have to give to the thrift store in 2 months?

Self: I suppose that does make sense. I hate baggy things. Ok 16-18 it is.

So my smart Self won this battle. It just made me think of how so many times I kept bigger clothes and wore them on the days I "felt" fat. Now I just have a lot of normal clothes. And that is good.

Oh, and the 16-18 fit perfectly well.

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  1. Yay for small workout clothes! Glad you won that battle :)