Thursday, August 4, 2011

Welcome Back to 2001

I've met my second weight loss goal today. I am now the lowest I've been since 2001. 10 years of weight gain = GONE!! Woohoo!

Weight Loss: Since March 2011 - 56 lbs
Weight Loss: Since January 2011 - 61.5 lbs
Weight Loss: Since all time high - 78 lbs!!

I feel great. I took Sh'Bam last night and ran into Therese who was the first instructor I had back in 2009. She told me she barely recognized me, I looked different. And after class, she told me it was amazing because I was actually dancing and keeping up and the last time she had me in Sh'bam I had to leave early and I couldn't keep up with the dancing. She wants to give my name to the head of the fitness center so I might be considered for a story in the Newsletter. I told her she could, but I still have a long way to go. It is exciting either way.

I also now have less than 100 lbs to lose. That's a great feeling.

Yesterday, I took the kids to the County Fair and we rode all the carnival rides. We had a blast. And I went on ALL of the rides with them (except the tall slide). A year ago, I would have been too embarrassed. Too afraid of breaking the ride, too thick to have the bars come down over me to secure me in place. Yesterday, it was all good! I was so happy to be sharing such fun things with my girls. I've come a long way, baby!!

Have a Thankful Thursday!! :)


  1. Hey Jodie! Good for you...and you know what?? Feel free to start harassing me beginning August 25th. (that was you wasn't it??) :) I'll look forward to the accountability. :)

  2. Jodie, that is soooo exciting!! What your instructor said to you!! That would just thrill me to death! LOL. And yay for having less than 100 to lose!!!!

    You are so inspiring & AWESOME! Love it!

  3. Aww I love everything about this post, how amazing :0) Congrats and these are moments that your little angels will always remember fondly, not only because they had fun but because you all had fun and you're so happy!

  4. Congratulations! It feels great getting there, right?

  5. Congrats!!! :) You're goin' retro! ;)