Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hormonal Hell

Gah - If having a stressful trip to MO wasn't enough, I just got TOM so my emotions (and sometimes eating) have been all out of whack. I have been exercising each day however and am generally fine with a few small binges. (3 Nutty Bars and a Sausage and Cheese Calzone from Rosatis)

So in all my emotional, hormonal state I got a little bit blue when i think of how many compliments I've gotten lately from everywhere...I spent so many years lonely and sad without encouragement. It's overwhelming to me. And I think "what the hell? Is this what is worth everything to people? Could they find nothing worth complimenting all those years?" This blueness will pass with TOM for sure...But it's out there...I'm dealing with it and moving forward.


  1. I hate the way I feel when I am hormonal. I know that its not me, it is not what I really think or feel, but I can't stop it during TOM. Hang in there!

  2. oh sister, I feel ya. It really does peave you off when the only thing people seem to see is your exterior. Don't let it trip you up. Just the shallow end of the wading pool it is easier for people to see the real you if their bigot glasses aren't on.

  3. Many people first notice that which is on the outside. Plus, most of us know exactly how difficult it is to lose weight, and you have done a great job of that.